GloCell strategy is to partner with relevant stakeholders in our industry.

We co-operate in development as well as in sales. If you are interested to become an agent or distributor ,or want to be part of the development of more sustainable solutions for pulp, paper and board industry, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


KCL offers pilot and laboratory services for the bioeconomy value chain. They help to accelerate the development and realization of new (bio)materials and technologies that support the green transition as well as quality improvements, optimizing processes and waste reduction, reducing potential risks in the development process, ultimately supporting our clients to deliver better and differentiated sustainable products. Glocell has a strategic co-operation agreement with KCL in both sales, development and laboratory services.

Data Rangers

Data Rangers is a software company developing and selling tools and services for customer interaction that are used by company workers and their partners. They have comprehensive understanding is software development and they offer Glocell software development services. In Glocell, their main focus is the SoftaCellTM optimization tool.