GloCell Solutions

Our software SoftaCell™ allows users to compare properties of pulps, simulate and optimize paper, board and tissue products with different mixing recipes and finally simulate and optimize multiple layer board products. All results are easily exported and reported for further usage.

Benchmarking Tool

The benchmarking tool allows the user to compare numerical values and visually inspect the quality differences between available pulps as well as examine the interactions between pulp parameters. The benchmarking tool provides fast and easy approach for inspection, comparison and presentation of pulps and their properties.

Mix Optimization Tool

The main function of the mix optimization tool is to find the perfect furnish mix complex for different paper, board and tissue grades. Optimizing will provide the most suitable and profitable results with any given restrictions for product properties. The tool gives assistance in comparison and optimization of existing grades as well as in development of new grades.

Board Optimization Tool

Board optimization tool works hand in hand with the mix optimization tool. Whereas mix optimization tool is required for single board layer, board optimization tool looks to find the perfect structure for any desired single or multi-layered board. User desired restrictions are matched and the most suitable and profitable suggestions for the desired board products are provided.


Want to improve your product value or optimize cost vs. quality? We have also a case by case approach for that.

GloCell consultation services include raw material optimization projects, fiber segregation consultation and value based marketing support for pulp, paper and board. Our consultation combines the use of our advanced software and understanding of raw material behavior combined with economical knowledge. All projects need to be designed case by case to ensure best fit for the customers’ needs.