In May and June 2024, GloCell conducted a user study to gather feedback on our highly-valued software tool, SoftaCell. Here’s what we found.

Participants praised SoftaCell for its effectiveness and user-friendliness, highlighting its significant benefits in enhancing their productivity. Users called for improvements in data export, performance analysis, and graph presentation, areas they believe would further maximize the tool’s already impressive ROI. While SoftaCell is well-regarded for its benchmarking and optimization capabilities, users see opportunities to make the user interface and data handling even better. Regular updates and continuous training are crucial for maintaining high user satisfaction and proficiency.

Specific suggestions for enhancements included refining login settings, addressing license expiration issues, and adding the ability to lock refining or blend ratios. Long-term suggestions include develo-

ping better forecasting tools for tissue paper properties and a redesigned interface for managing multiple mix-windows. Ensuring user engagement and aligning support with new feature releases are vital for further enhancing SoftaCell’s value.

Overall, while SoftaCell is already well-received and delivering excellent ROI, this study provided valuable insights for further improvements. GloCell is committed to incorporating this feedback to enhance the user experience and meet the evolving needs of our users. The suggested improvements are in the development roadmap and will be prioritized in consultation with our customers. Regular updates and continuous user engagement will remain our focus moving forward, ensuring SoftaCell continues to deliver exceptional value.