GloCell Team

Our team is a combination of experience and enthusiasm. We have strong background in pulp and paper industry, software development, modelling, data analysis, research and development and industrial software business.

Jarmo Kahala

Master of Science, Tech.

Jarmo joined GloCell team in August 2017 as CEO. He has Master of Science degree in pulp and paper technology from Helsinki University of Technology.

Jarmo has solid background on pulp and paper industry, data analysis and industrial software business. He has worked in several management and expert positions at technology company Savcor, data analysis software company KCL Development, research institute Keskuslaboratorio (KCL) and gas company AGA. He has a very long and deep experience in data analysis based process problem solving.

Juhani Lehtonen

Master of Science, Tech.

Juhani is one of the owners of GloCell and also father of many ideas at the background. Juhani has education in pulping industry and he is in the middle of doing his doctoral studies at Helsinki University of Technology.

Juhani has worked in several pulp and paper mills in different positions all over Europe. His experience is also enriched with consulting at Mercuri international and with several sales and marketing management positions at Tellabs and Sphairon. Nowadays Juhani is working for GloCell as a chairman of the board.

Santeri Levanto

Master of Science, Tech.

Santeri joined GloCell team in March 2017 as a part-time employee during his studies in Aalto University. He studied Chemical and Process Engineering as Major, and he finished his Master’s thesis to GloCell in February 2019. Thereafter he continued to work full time with the GloCell team as a development engineer.

Santeri works with the team in development projects and manages software updating for customers. He brings youth and energy into the team and is keen to improve himself as well as the whole team. With interest and understanding in both, pulp and paper industry, and computer sciences, Santeri fits perfectly into the GloCell team.