GloCell Oy has been selling a software tool for pulp and paper industry that helps to find the optimum furnish mix. The tool has been branded SoftaCell and it has been used by major pulp and paper companies globally since more than ten years now.

There has been only one challenge to use the tool more widely: the used fiber data has always been the property of the customers. Now, with the new approach, and thanks to Business Finland’s Tempo financing, this has changed!

We’re happy to announce the new database version of SoftaCell that can be used by anyone, whether you have own fiber database or not. GloCell, together with KCL, has generated a database of pulps, including both chemical and mechanical, as well as RCF and fillers. This database can be used with SoftaCell in finding how to generate whatever quality of paper or board you wish the cheapest possible way!

We have now several companies testing the software and are still open for some additional pilot customers. If you are interested in knowing your optimum paper or board furnish, don’t hesitate to get in touch with GloCell’s CEO, Jarmo Kahala.

jarmo.kahala(at), +358 40 528 4997

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