GloCell was founded in 2004 as a fiber and furnish consulting company for pulp and papermakers. Since then it has become one of the best on the market to provide solutions for quality, cost and raw material optimization. Our software is used on daily basis to optimize millions of tons of pulp, paper, board and tissue production annually.

Core Competences

Our core competences are fiber physics, mathematical modelling and broad understanding of pulp and paper industry. We combine hands on knowledge with deep theoretical understanding of furnish. We aim to benefit our users with cost savings and quality improvements in their production.


Balance between cost and quality is almost never at its optimum state in any production. Our optimization tool allows users to reach the most accurate optimal states available for fiber raw material and energy usage in the paper, board and tissue production.

Ease of Use

Everything included in the software aims to make data handling and simulating easier and more efficient. All the customer specific data are stored in one place and are easily accessible for inspection and comparison. Available pulp data allow the user to create, compare and optimize different fiber raw material mixes. All the results and findings can be exported directly out of the software.